Who are we?

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NoVA stands to the Peacebuilding Program and Active Nonviolence Center for Social Innovation, an organization that promotes international action for peace and provides assistance to populations affected by armed conflict, without discrimination by race, religion or political ideology.

With a global network of experts and professionals, NoVA offers support for civil society in conflict areas in the field of violence prevention, peace building, mediation and nonviolent conflict transformation. Based on its experience in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, NoVA encourages the use and study of civilian rather than military strategies to defend international legality, equality and justice, strengthening the initiatives of people who suffer violence and can contribute to overcome.

As a committed and politically independent, NoVA provides innovative ideas, analysis and publications that want to influence policies and practices of state and non state actors in Europe and other international forums in promoting the construction of an infrastructure service security and an external action for peace.