Nova promotes a civil peace service in Catalonia



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Nova, Center for Social Innovation, with the support of the Catalan Promoting Committee of Civil Peace Services (SCP) and the Office of Promotion of Peace and of Human Rights of Generalitat de Catalunya, is carrying out a study to systematize the capacities of the Catalan civil society to promote a Civil Peace Service in Catalonia.

In April last year, a Conference was held in Parliament on "How to establish a public policy on promotion the Civil Peace Service”. Following this, the Government of Catalonia asked the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) a feasibility study for the creation of a Catalan Nonviolent Civil Peace Services which was driven by civil society with the support of the Government of Catalonia, based on initiatives that have been developed over the last decade at several European countries, especially in Germany. This feasibility study was concluded in December 2009 with a positive assessment by the ICIP


What are the Civil Peace Services?

Missions of the Civil Peace Services

Aims of the Civil Peace Services

Proposal submitted to Parliament to promote a Catalan Nonviolent Civil Service for Peace (Catalan Language)